Make Med Serve Placements, your agency of choice, enabling us to supply you with:

  • Professional, well-screened, competent, broad-based experienced Medical and Non-medical personnel to be a part of your practice or business.
  • Medical indemnity cover for Medical personnel
  • Registrations of members to councils such as HPCSA, SANC, etc. on file
  • Criminal and credit checks available
  • Psychometric testing available
  • Detailed tax invoices
  • Market related tariffs
  • Individual tariffs negotiated for After-Hour cover clinics and hospitals
  • Low agency commission percentage, lowest recorded in the industry!
  • BEE compliance
  • Professional, friendly, trust-worthy, hands-on Med Serve Placements consultants to deal with your personnel issues in a fast, efficient manner.  No call centre agents transferring your call from pillar to post, wasting your time and money.

Regardless the size of your practice or business, Med Serve Placements is your one-stop personnel agency.